Idromop remote control and monitoring for diesel pump sets

Are you laying awake wondering if your irrigation is functioning?

IdroMOP is an electronic control system that allows a simple and intuitive way to control the irrigation process and attaches to any diesel pump set. It saves fuel, wear and tear on machinery and reduces energy and water waste, which is essential in our current climate conditions.

The Idromop unit has been designed for simple and immediate use from your smartphone, tablet or device. Several pumps can be linked for easy system control. Remotely start and stop the machine, monitor the status of the machine and change the parameters anytime from anywhere you can access the easy to use ID4 app. The system can also help to regulate pressure on machines where boosting pressure is required or systems with varying pressures and flow rates. It has a range of safety features and system infrastructure protection installed on the device.

Features and benefits:

  • Manual or automatic functioning
  • START / STOP irrigation remotely
  • 16 work daily/weekly programmes
  • Warning alerts on high/low water pressure, zero flow and engine warnings
  • Remote monitoring of fuel levels and low fuel alerts.