RM 581GX Hard Hose Irrigator

RM has over 60 years experience in manufacturing hose reel irrigators from their home in Parma, Italy and exports to over 40 countries world wide. RM is focussed on manufacturing quality machines with a focus on reliability and improving the quality of life in farming.

Benefits of the RM GX Range:

  • Energy efficiency due to the innovative Turbo-Reducer design. The design of the turbine impeller is the result of a cutting edge calculation allowing channelled flow of water without turbulence thus allowing operation at lower pressure.
  • Variable track sprinkler trolley available with wheel or skid options.
  • Swivelling turret structure with oversize telescopic legs to ensure stability.
  • Medium density Polyethylene pipe for low friction losses
  • Hydraulic turbine with shuttered flow and built-in by-pass guaranteeing continuous operation even when the water contains considerable impurities. Constructed without filters, there is minimum loss of pressure, enabling waste water or effluent to be irrigated.
  • Automatic stopping at the end of run independent of water passage allows irrigation to continue for a prescribed time period.
  • Automatic speed adjustment for a constant winding in speed.
  • Simple to use electronic controllers with optional remote control and monitoring functionality
  • All RM machines are thoroughly tested by the manufacturer prior to shipping.