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Special Offer:

Agricultural irrigation design controller

RM Super Rain Irrigator Controller Upgrade

Add the following functionality to your RM irrigator:

  • Start or stop your irrigator by SMS
  • Check the current status of your machine or the operating speed
  • Receive alerts for low pressure
  • Receive an alert when the irrigator has finished it’s current run and is ready to be moved to the next
  • See an alert when the machine has not moved for XX minutes, check the machine before continuing.


Please note: Most RM irrigators from about 2015 onwards will have a PR 10-12 controller which is easily upgraded. For older machines, we offer to upgrade the CR-7 controller to a PR 10-12 plus the upgrade to allow remote monitoring.


At Agline we only partner with the most reliable brands, bringing quality irrigation to Tasmania and throughout Australia. We ensure you that machines sold by Agline are of premium quality. Our machines have the strength of decades of experience and continual improvement and are more robust than any machine on the market in Tasmania.

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