Special Offer

RM Super Rain Irrigator Controller Upgrade

Add the following functionality to your RM irrigator:

  • Start or stop your irrigator by SMS
  • Receive the current status of your machine or the operating speed
  • Receive alerts for low pressure
  • Receive an alert when the irrigator has finished it’s current run and is ready to be moved to the next
  • Receive an alert when the machine has not moved for XX minutes, check the machine before continuing.

$900 + GST for all Program Rain 10-12 controllers*

$1950 + GST for all Constant Rain 7 controllers*

*Sim card will be an additional cost

Please note: Most RM irrigators from about 2015 onwards will have a PR 10-12 controller which is easily upgraded. For older machines we offer to upgrade the CR-7 controller to a PR 10-12 plus the upgrade to allow remote monitoring.