RM Hardhose Hire

RM Irrigators for hire

At Agline we are starting something new. Skip the initial expenditure and still get the benefits. Hire our fleet of RM hardhose irrigators!

Do you want to try an RM irrigator before you buy?

Do you want to grow an extra crop this year but don’t have enough irrigators?

Do you need a new irrigator but you’re not ready to buy one yet?

Joining the irrigation scheme and need a short term irrigation solution?

Hire one of our fleet of RM Hardhose irrigators! Benefits include:

  • Different machine sizes available to suit your paddock lengths
  • Flexible hire lengths – increase your contract length during the season if you need to irrigate longer.
  • We take care of machine maintenance for you.
  • Flexible terms – option to buy after year one or continuing hiring next season
  • Flexible payment options – monthly payments with or without balloon payments at the end of the season.
  • Pump set hire is also available!

You choose the length of your hire period and have the freedom to extend it if you need to continue irrigating.

You can also hire a brand new RM irrigator, with the option to purchase at a large discount after hire.

At Agline we love making our client’s lives easier that is why we also offer pump-set hire. Let us bear all the initial expenditure for you.

With our hire machines, we supply what you need, and only what you need. No added cost for features, time or systems that you will not use.

Hire Enquiries


We look forward to working with you to supply you with the best hire solution for your needs!

If you are interested in purchasing an RM machine, check out our Products page