RM Magnum Hard Hose Irrigator

  • “RolStop™” automatic reel locking system to prevent the hose from slackening off if no water is supplied. Acts straight on the reel without stressing the gearbox unit.
  • Automatic braking system for hose unwinding operation.
  • Electrostatic coating in a double layer without solvents, followed by stove enamelling.
  • Turbine with built-in by-pass, stainless steel turbine shaft, direct coupling with the gearbox unit and turbine shaft with oil-cooled “class A” taper roller bearings.
  • 4-speed gearbox unit, power take-off for rapid hose rewinding. All the bearings and reductions are oil-cooled. Quick-control “PowerSafe™” turbine by-pass operating linkages for practical and fast gear shifting.
  • Fully automatic “VertLift™” system to lift the trolley at the end of the rewinding operation, so as to set the trolley in a perfectly vertical position during the end of irrigation phase: exclusive from RM.
  • Safety device that automatically blocks the reel if the hose accidentally unwinds or winds in a misaligned way.
  • Trolley with variable track and wheels with adjustable height equipped with a pair of cast iron wheels or 4 tyred wheels on an equalizing bar. Hot-dip galvanized, strong construction, can be towed by the tractor’s power lift.
  • A speedometer (m/h) constantly monitors the rewinding speed.
  • Automatic compensator  to guarantee that the trolley returns at a constant speed.
  • Double water inlet with large-diameter BAUER 133 couplings to prevent throttling and unnecessary pressure drops.
  • Lots of care has been taken with the protections, which have all been made in compliance with the accident-prevention standards.