RM 505 Speedy Rain

The Speedy Rain is an excellent, cost effective watering option for sports fields, parks and green spaces. This portable unit can be easily operated from a mains water supply or pump system. The Speedy Rain is self-rewinding and fully adjustable to vary the irrigation water applied. To operate, the unit is wheeled into position and the hose uncoiled. Once operating the drive mechanism will slowly re-coil the hose onto the drum bringing the sprinkler back into its start position where it will automatically shut off the water flow.

The 505 model has the following features:

  • Hose Diameter x Length: 50mm x 170m
  • Output range: 1.47 – 2.98 Litres per second
  • Connection pressure: 3.5 – 8.0 bars
  • Irrigated width: 30.6 – 40.0m
  • Rewind speed: Fully adjustable from 0 – 40m/hr
  • Nozzle selection: 10 or 12mm
  • Inlet hose 4 metres
  • Hose guide for perfect pipe rewinding
  • Wheeled and variable track trolley standard on this model
  • Compact dimensions, Approximate weight of 285kg allowing easy movability